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Chromium Shade Shifting Makeup

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Chromium Shade Shifting Makeup

Look for the perfect multipurpose makeup that’ll make you stand out from the crowd at the next rave or music concert? Grab a jar of Chromium, or ten, and steal the show!

You’ve heard of guys doing a double take checking you out right? Double take smuggle take.. with Chromium they’ll do a triple quadruple take then promptly walk over & get your number.. call me maybe?

Chromium is a mixture of every color so when you put it on it looks like a shiny glittery rainbow all over your face! Also works as eyeshadow, highlighting, lip setting & nail coating.. now that’s value!

So if you’re looking for the perfect rave or concert makeup, or you’re just looking for a perfect gift idea, grab Chromium and add this multifunctional shade shifting makeup to your cosmetic arsenal!

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