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Trendy Geo-Holographic Purse

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Trendy Geo-Holographic Purse

Say goodbye to that plain and boring bag and say hello to the Luminous Tote- A bag that'll keep you looking stylish and absolutely fabulous.

Uniquely designed with a holograph feature that once the light hits the bag it reflects the light in various different colors. Instantly making you stand out from everyone and look amazingly stunning the entire day.

Built with extra storage space and a comfortable ergonomic strap. Which means you can fit more stuff into your bag without it weighing you down as your walking.

You can dress it up, you can dress it down however you want. Making it perfect to wear to any occasion and still compliment your outfit perfectly even on your worst day.

What's really amazing about this lamp that our repeat customers love so much about it is the reflective design and how spacious it is. With the Luminous Tote, you get Unique, extra space and best of all... style that's truly one of a kind.

For a limited time, you can get the Luminous Tote with the Luminous Wallet! Just select the option that includes the Luminous Wallet when you add to cart.

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